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Outdoor Recreation

Whether you’re headed out into the great outdoors for a day, for a night, for a week, or more, we have what you need to be comfortable, safe, warm, and dry. From packs for single day or multi-day hikes to camping gear and food, hydration supplies, fire-starting kits, and waterproof bags, Spotted Dog Sporting Goods has it.

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    Whatever outdoor adventure you’re chasing, Spotted Dog Sporting Goods can make sure you’re fully prepped for it with the right clothing. From camo to keep you hidden while hunting and rain jackets that’ll keep you dry on long, rainy hikes to socks, gloves, and hats that will keep you warm in some of the coldest climates, we have the clothes that fit right in the outdoors. Weather can change in an instant, and if you’re pursuing outdoor activities, having the right gear for different weather conditions is imperative.

    We also carry a wide variety of sunglasses from Costa del Mar and Strike King. learn more »

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    Camping/Outdoor Accessories

    There’s nothing like a warm meal at the end of the day, or a hot cup of coffee in the morning to offer a bit of home comfort while spending time in the outdoors. That’s why Spotted Dog Sporting Goods carries everything you need while on a camping or backpacking trip. From lightweight stoves and prepackaged meals to water transportation and purification options, we have it. Be comfortable with our options of campsite furniture, including tables and chairs--incredibly handy for food prep or when camping with groups or children. We also have lighting options for any campsite set-up, including lightweight options for backpacking treks. And don’t forget the first aid. Unsure about what’s right for you or having trouble finding something? Ask our helpful staff for advice. learn more »